A minor update to the eSpaces styling and theming improves consistency for user-edited content.

Refined styles and theming

Example table styles

The eSpaces platform has been updated to the latest styling and layout configuration, which fixes several issues, and may result in user pages appearing slightly differently:

  • The first portlet column is now correctly positioned on the left.  Previously, both portlet columns were on the right-hand side.  If pre-existing portlets are on the incorrect side, they should be manually recreated on the right.
  • Content action drop-down menus (State, Add New, Display, Actions) are now positioned on the right of the content view tabs (Contents, Edit, Sharing) to improve page display.
  • Tables created using the visual editor will display at the full width of the page and have a number of new different styles available. 
  • Styled content (pullquotes, call-outs, preformatted text) created using the visual editor will now display correctly.  Previously, only certain styles applied for user-created content.
  • Images set to float left or right will now display correctly.
  • Styling is now applied to any content that was marked as a 'clear floats'.

As always, if you have comments or feedback on these changes or on eSpaces, please get in touch.