Open collaboration for research

eSpaces are self-contained web portals for your research and group projects.

eSpaces is closing down

The eSpaces platform will be retiring on 5 August 2021, after 9 years in operation. We appreciate you using our service.

If you are still actively using eSpaces and haven't been contacted by JCU's eResearch Centre team, please contact us immediately.

If you are from JCU, there are a variety of other tools and data storage platforms available to help support your research, as mentioned in the JCU Library's Research Data Management Toolkit.

If you are from another institution, AARNet's Cloudstor offers large-scale storage and sharing of data, collaborative document editing, data processing and visualisation tools and more. Otherwise, consult your organisation's research services office, local eResearch team or your regional AeRO Member organisation to learn which options are most suitable to you.


eSpaces is an intuitive web platform for research collaboration.

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  • Fits your needs. Create anything from a research project website to fully-private collaborative workspace.
  • Secure storage. Upload images, files, pages and more to a secure portal.
  • Share content. Collaborate with colleagues, researchers and students across institutions and continents.
  • Security & privacy. Set fine-grained permissions and have public, private, or shared content.
  • Make it your own. Add your logo. Choose from many designs and layouts.
  • It's yours. Get started with your own web environment in seconds.
  • Australian data storage. Concerned with data sovereignty? eSpaces is hosted in Australia.

All the good bits

Researchers can easily create eSpaces – web-based sites – that allow content, files, and pages to be stored securely, with the flexibility of access via the web and mobile devices. The system provides granular permissions, allowing a range of types of security. This makes eSpaces perfect for spanning a range of researcher needs, from public-facing research portfolio or project pages, through to a secure collaborative environment, and anything in between.

About the service

This platform has been developed by the eResearch Centre at James Cook University (JCU).  The project and hosting are supported by the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) and the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) project. Read more about the service…